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Canning is an easy way to make a lot of money in a short amount of time! You can make $100-$200 in just a couple of hours. Sign up for canning on our googledoc.

What does it mean?

Dancers will stand in front of a local grocery store or other approved location with “cans” (plastic jars) and ask shoppers for donations.  

Sound scary? It’s not!

Shoppers are more generous than you think! Don’t be afraid to ask anyone and everyone if they would like to donate — this cause is close to their hearts because it’s local.

Remember to stay positive! This is a great way to collect money for your own fundraising goal as well as gain awareness for CMN St. Louis and DM in the St. Louis community.

What do I do/say?

Here are some tips for successful canning:

  • Smile! Shoppers will find you more approachable.
  • Ask everyone (sometimes the most money comes from people you may not expect).

  • Start with something simple, like, “would you like to donate to local children’s hospitals?”

  • If the shopper seems intrigued or wants to know more you can add:
    • “We are collecting money for two local hospitals, St. Louis Children’s Hospital and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital.”

    • and continue with… “They are both supported by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater St. Louis, an organization dedicated to helping local children regardless of a family’s ability to pay”

    • If they want to know why YOU are asking for donations, you can share that you are a Wash. U. student participating in Dance Marathon!

      • “Dance Marathon is a year long fundraiser that culminates in a 12 hour dance party celebrating all the children CMN St. Louis has been able to help and supporting those families who are still going through treatment.”

  • Remember to thank everyone! Whether they donated or not, remember you are representing Wash.U. and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater St. Louis.

  • See the rewards of all your hard work (*remember the money goes straight towards YOUR fundraising goal!)

  • Have FUN!

How do I get involved?

You can sign up for canning on our google doc HERE. Prior to your canning date, you will receive a reminder email with further instructions.

Please e-mail if you have any questions about canning!