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Children's Miracle Network 24187At the age of 8, Hannah began complaining about a pain in her right knee, but being in the midst of a growth spurt, it was assumed to be growing pains.

On December 8, 2011, Hannah was playing at school when she fell, causing her knees to knock together. Her right knee “exploded” and it looked like a large softball was under her skin. Hannah’s parents took her to the pediatrician, who thought it was just swollen, and were told to bring her back in a week. The swelling never decreased and when they took her back on December 15th, the pediatrician informed them that the X-rays showed osteosarcoma.

Hannah was sent to St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH) for additional tests and a biopsy. Afterward, their worst fears were confirmed: her entire right femur was filled with cancer, in addition to two tumors in her lungs.

Hannah began her chemotherapy treatments in January of 2012, one month after she was diagnosed. In March, she had a rotationplasty on her right leg. They removed a portion of the leg while the remaining foot and ankle were rotated and reattached. Hannah continued maintenance chemo until October 30, 2012.

In January 2013, a rash brought Hannah back to SLCH where she was diagnosed with a relapse of her osteosarcoma, as well as a new diagnosis of Leukemia. After a lung surgery to remove the new tumors, Hannah has begun another 4-6 week round of chemotherapy. Returning to the hospital has not dampened Hannah’s spirits however, and she continues to enjoy painting, singing, and reading!

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