Family and Community Committee

This committee will serve as a liaison between Dance Marathon at Washington University and Children’s Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis. Their efforts will be towards building a strong connection between the Miracle Families and our Dance Marathon by getting the kids and their families excited and involved in the event. Additionally, the Family and Community Relations Committee will also serve as a liaison between Dance Marathon at Washington University and Dance Marathon at Ladue High School. Committee members will be traveling to Ladue High School in order to mentor their executive board and help the high schoolers develop their Dance Marathon!

Morale Committee

Morale committee is one of the largest traditions of Dance Marathon and one of our largest committees! Comprised of approximately 24 people, this committee is responsible for creating and leading a dance that is then taught to all of our participants throughout the event. In addition, committee members will also get to dress for theme hours, meet and interact with the miracle kids, and share their excitement for Dance Marathon throughout the year. Morale members are also vital to our event’s outreach efforts and will help with advertising, brainstorming new outreach methods, and generally working to promote the cause that is Dance Marathon on campus. Overall your job is to help us maintain excitement for Dance Marathon throughout the year and help make this the best event year, for the kids!

Fundraising Committee

A position on this committee entails a year-long commitment regarding the following:
– Securing auction items for the event
– Brainstorming ideas for fundraising pushes leading up to and during the event
– Securing benefit nights and donations from local companies
– Fundraising outside local stores by canning
– Make phone calls to local businesses to build relationships
Joining this committee is a great way to meet so many amazing people, build up a business and fundraising repertoire for your resume, and most importantly, to make an impact on the lives of so many children and families across the nation.

If you have any questions or want to be on a committee, please contact the President at