Washington University in St. Louis


What is WUDM?

WUDM stands for Washington University Dance Marathon. Throughout the year, DM raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network of Greater St. Louis. The fundraising year ends in November with an 8 hour dance party. To learn more about DM visit our About page. 

What do all of these different terms mean?

Are you a little bit confused about what the various terms surrounding DM mean? No worries! Check out this list to learn all of the vocabulary commonly used during WUDM!


For the Kids – the most commonly used slogan at Dance Marathon programs all across North America.

Morale Dance

The Morale Dance is a dance that is periodically taught throughout DM. The dance is set to a single song that has a mix of around 20 different songs put together in one big mash-up. The entire event ends with everyone dancing the entire Morale Dance. If you are not a good dancer don’t let that stop you, just remember FTK!


WUDM is run primarily by 16 students which make up the Executive Team (Exec for short). They meet once a week all year to plan every aspect of WUDM. The responsibilities of the Exec Team range from fundraising, to event planning, to creating the dance, and much, much more. If you have any questions during WUDM, these are the people you should ask! They’ll be the ones in black shirts that say ‘Exec’ on the back!


Dancers are vital to the success of Dance Marathon because their energy and enthusiasm for helping the kids are at the heart of the event. These are all students that sign up and are not Exec or Committee Members. Dancers are considered “normal” participants. If you haven’t already, sign up as a dancer today!

Miracle Family/Child

The families and children of Children’s Miracle Network are the reason why WUDM exists. All of the fundraising, effort, and time you dedicate is to show support for these families and children.

What if I can’t dance?

No worries! Bad dancing saves lives as we like to say. Also, DM has tons of others activities you can take part in besides dancing!

Do I have stay for the entire 8 hours?

You don’t, but we encourage you to if possible! 

Will their be food and drinks at the event?

Food is provided at various times throughout the event, but drinks are not! Be sure to bring a reusable water bottle as there are multiple water fountains in the area.

What if I haven’t raised the $100 fundraising minimum?

If you haven’t raised $100 by the time you check in for DM then you will be asked to send five emails before entering the event. This is super easy to do, and on average each email brings in $35!!

If you have any specific questions please email president@dm.wustl.edu!